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160 definitions by simon

nottingham slang,
means to skip somethign
ive been kapping off school
by simon December 22, 2004
4 37
twisted generally related to events perceived while on hallucinogenic drugs, usually referring to an individual.
"Man, last night I dropped five microdots and ran up primrose hill naked! Boy was I tweaked!"

"I was out for a stroll on primrose hill last night and I saw a naked guy running around. He looked HIGHLY tweaked!"
by Simon November 09, 2004
24 57
Refers to Republican Party and the way they turn things around and bullshit.
I'll take the GOP approach and tell my bitch I'm a one lady man though I'm on the DL.
by Simon October 14, 2004
153 187
To be an immigrant of African origin and to worship fellow humans that wear cowboy boots and show off to their friends.
You HAVE JUST HAD A RIGHT poppadom moment!!!
by Simon April 02, 2005
13 53
an up and coming band from the scunthorpe area in united kingdom, they are recording a cd and doing the club circuit at the moment check them out!!! check out www.stateofmindmusic.tk
Band from Scunthorpe they play metal music and classic metal
by Simon January 07, 2005
17 64
Padawan = Star wars apprentice, also used for n00b.
indeed padawan!

Stfu my padawan!

You have improved, padawan
by Simon January 19, 2005
18 69
A person who like to felate goats after he has spray painted them and put on a of panties stolen from a 13 year old girls. Also like to have sex with dogs, preferably anal.
Grant's alternate lifestlye can be refered to as Elroy in nature.
by Simon March 25, 2003
12 82