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he who sweats from the pits. an individual who strolls about , bottle in hand, warding off homosexuals with constant verbal attack against thier kind. very elusive late in the night/ early morning when it comes to mustaches or bargoyles, he has no shame. during the day he resides in hillcrest, under the rule of a man named Bruce.
We're all going down to silvoid's pad, he said there's like 64 hot chicks coming over, and they all wanna hang out....
by simon July 03, 2003
a cappy drinking fool who leaks profusely from the pits. Know to create words and phrases at will such as "blood fart". Has an affinity for porn (anal) and donkeys. Will be seen only in San Diego and it's surrounding communities.
watch as the elusive "silvoid" catches a barstow biting donkey.
by friend June 18, 2003
when in addition to "process" a small bone located near the sternum that concaves due to severe sugar depletion, leading to disturbing alcoholism and rampant homophobia.
a coming of age for a young male. The "silvoid process".
by Bort June 22, 2003
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