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18 definitions by silver

very like sentence "you are babo?"
he babo
very like sentence "you are babo?"
he babo
by silver September 03, 2003
1 11
A very weird girl with puffy hair, a bass guitar and is some what perverted
oh my gosh, ur acting domi @_@ ^_^
by silver December 14, 2004
18 39
The initials used for a poser that goes to CMS. Using names is mean, after all. She cuts and makes fun of anyone who doesn't like her. Acutally, she makes fun of everyone.
"JB really did it again- now she's cutting so she can fit in."
by Silver March 21, 2005
1 46
A college course that is considered easy and used to boost one's grade point average. Short for Mickey Mouse, to describe something very easy, trivial, tacky, like a Disney cartoon or toy.
That music appreciation course is a mick.
by silver February 11, 2005
17 109