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2 definitions by sillymama1974

When a man with no metaphorical ball sack pretends to want to slow intimacy down in a relationship as a way of breaking up with a girl.
Jodi: He said WHAT?
Jamie: He said he wants to slow down the intimacy because he thinks things went too fast.
Jodi: Wasn't he the one who wanted to have sex?
Jamie: Yes
Jodi He is a total Eunuchscape artist.
by sillymama1974 August 04, 2010
When you get so mad because your mini dog attacks another mini dog at the dog park, you punch the playboy model who owns the other dog in the face.
Like when a Sacramento County law enforecment officer punches a citizen in the face over a midget dog fight.

Jennifer: What's wrong?
Jane: Oh I was at the dog park and this cop go so mad she punched me
Jennifer: Oh she must have been Dog park punch mad.
by sillymama1974 June 23, 2010