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One who is attracted to "ginger" kids, usually classified by their light red hair, white skin, and freckles. Comparable to a chubby chaser, who follows the same principles but with overweight people.
My sister is a ginger binger, she watches Harry Potter movies repeatedly just for the Weasley family, Rupert Grint in particular.

I knew I was a ginger binger for life ever since I saw the Parent Trap as a little boy. That ginger hair and freckles never once left my mind afterwards.
by silasam September 03, 2009
The opposite of cockblocked, cockstuck is when you enjoy the sex you are having so much, you cannot leave the girl you are having it with, even if Ex.1- she is having the same sex with your best friend, Ex.2- she's crazy, or Ex.3- your balls are so blue they are bound to fall off at any given moment.
I've been wanting to dump her for a few months now, but the bitch has me cockstuck! I have nightmares about our raucous lovemaking sessions every night!
by silasam June 29, 2010
A synonym of "dick jokes." Usually, a penis that is worthy of Cocklolz is undersized, crooked or mis-shapen, inverted, or unusually colored.
Alyssa: You're so cocky. Twat.
Me: I don't see how I'm being cocky.
Alyssa: Oh that's right, there's nothing for you to be cocky with you little asian whore. hahahah
Me: You can sip on those Cocklolz all you like, I could choke a bitch with it.
by silasam July 10, 2010
The act of moving from one place to another during sexual intercourse mid-session. Immigration sex is a great way for men to last longer, a nice change of pace, and preventing rugburn of the knees/ass.
Jess: I'm inventive. We started our immigration sex in the shower once and ended up in the bed.

Me: Orly? Did being all wet make you slip on the way to the bed?

Jess: Yeah it did, but as we slipped his dong landed right in my vag, definitely crossing my border.

Me: Were you okay with that? Some girls I know are against border hoppers.

Jess: Oh yeah, immigration sex definitely improved this country. ;)
by silasam July 18, 2010
Far beyond the reaches of "bonerkill", to enter a state of permalimp you must see something (usually a sexual act) so horrifyingly terrible you will be unable to achieve a state of erection for a permanent basis.
After being baited and trapped by a fake link, I was presented with five elderly men commiting an act so terrible, I have gone Permalimp. My girlfriend has left me, I get lol'd at in the locker rooms, my parents have abandoned me, and I have lost all my friends.
by silasam July 02, 2010
Being poserrific try as hard as humanly possible to correctly pose others behavior. They maintain the highest amount of sarcasm possible whilst doing so, in a desparate attempt to be somewhat believable. Often found in those who are stuck up, emos, scenesters, those that lack confidence, 16 year old girls, 13 year old boys, and anyone else who is trying too hard. Those who correctly maintain a poserrific state for long periods of time are "doing it right."
Alex pretended to laugh along with the crowd, but unbeknownst to him, the entire crowd knew he was being poserrific. The crowd then proceeded to laugh at, throw bottles/stones at, hang, tar, feather, crucify, and set fire to alex for his poserrific behavior.
by silasam July 02, 2010
A Rainbow Crime is when people of multiple races or ethnicities get together and put aside their differences to commit a crime in a joint effort. When wearing a ski mask, you cannot see the color of the skin, making rainbow crimes more common than most of us assume.
Chen, Lawrance, and Rihad all got together to rainbow crime their local bank. Utilizing each of their skills, Rihad blew up the door with explosives, Chen, using his superior mathematical prowess, cracked the safe, and Lawrance made off with all the loot in record time, simultaniously knocking out each security guard with well placed superman punches.
by silasam July 02, 2010

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