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someone who;
a) tries to sleep with anything that moves
b)wear's little or no clothing
c)uses at least one double push up bra a day or possibly more

anything above is the general indicator of a whore. A Whore will try and get in any guys pants, even girls if they feel the need for sex. Whores tend to use names that can be edited to fit i's in them

Whore's can actually be very nice people and this is a derogatory term, although sometimes nice people just are a little lost. Sometimes though whores are just plain whores
ex) Candy-Candi, Samantha-Sami, Tammy-Tami, or plain out whore names like Bambi
girl 1-OMG!!! did you see Sami today she was totally wearing a double push up bra
girl 2- ya and she tried to sleep with Chad in Math class
girl 2-no way chad is dating alyssa, Sami's going after someone who's already taken
girl 2- i know she's such a whore
by sickstorybro6 November 14, 2011

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