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A person/s who will indulge in copious amounts of drugs in one night and continue on getting wasted through the morning and sometimes next night whilst getting up to unusual and amusing antics. This often results in the morning following a rave, dance party, Space Bar or clubbing. Sickos are usually get “sick” in packs and enjoy the company of other sickos whilst they are getting sick. Sickos will usually call on sober friends in the morning to supply more drugs or alcohol as they cant drive or interact with normal members of society. This is known as the “creep-call”. Sickos need constant loud music and cigarettes and of course other drugs to keep the state of sick-ness going.
"What are you up too? Oh just going back to the flat to be a raging sicko .. Nice Ill meet you back there!"

"What are you doing tonight you fuckin sicko?"

"Oh Kev, yeah he's a sicko"

"Stompy is the ultimate sicko."
by sickolady28 October 20, 2008
Creep-call is calling a sober friend at a disgusting hour of the morning in order for them to come turn into a "creep" with you and to possibly pick up more alcohol and drugs on the way over so you can continue being a raging creep/sicko all day. Occasionally creeps will get hot pink matching tattoos on the forehead.
"Im gonna creep-call Tim guys do you think he will be awake?"

"Oh fuck I got the creep-call better stop by the shops and go round to the flat"
by sickolady28 October 20, 2008

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