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a.k.a. bolivian marching powder.

Enrique got caught with a kilo of bolivian marching powder up his ass.
by sickman November 30, 2003
The plastic dummies seen in fashionable clothing stores all over, normally wearing the season's newest fashions. Somewhere inbetween scary, surreal and sexy (if the opposite gender and depending on imagination/perversion)
Larry: "That mannequin just winked at me!"
by Sickman May 05, 2006
1) A highly skilled fire performer.

2) The arch-enemy of waterninja.
Ben drop kicked the firestaff and caught it behind his back while blindfolded -- he is such a fireninja.
by sickman November 07, 2003
A country that contains too much anti English, racist sentiment. especially when the English don't care but for laughing at the accent (which we also do to every other country on Earth)
Welshman: "Fucking English wanker!"
Englishman: "Do I look offended? Try evolving for a few millennia. And try not to slag me off outside of Wales, that's how come Welsh exiles get the shit kicked out of them."
by Sickman May 05, 2006
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