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4 definitions by shwave dave

a female breast that is extremely small, but has an enormous dinner-plate nipple that covers most of the surface area
Rachel is upset by the fact that she cannot find a bathing suit that successfully covers her schubes.
by shwave dave May 04, 2010
33 2
A breast of such perfect dimensions that it makes the mouth water, and the member erect
When I first laid eyes on Nadine's immaculate shwaves I became so hard that a blood vessel in my eye burst.
by shwave dave May 04, 2010
35 6
When a bowl, waterfall, or gravity bong is sufficiently rolling and resembles the glowing heart of E.T
I couldn't help but smile as I watched the water run from my waterfall creating a beautiful glowing E.T. heart
by shwave dave May 04, 2010
28 4
A bare ass fart on wood
Joey laughed to himself when he queffed on his grandfathers work bench.
by shwave dave May 04, 2010
82 80