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A rich and poor suburban town of San Diego. I.E. Upper Windmill Poway (rich) and Lower Windmill Poway (poor). Formally known as the "City In The Country". Also known for the hottest bitchest girls around, milfs, and professional athletes. Topping it off with nearly nothing to do except; see movies or do something illegal. Come stare at huge houses with huge price tags come to Poway
Sometimes referred to as P-Town.
by shultz August 21, 2004
Internet emoticon for sticking out your tongue and blowing raspberry. However, ":©­" looks more authentic to how a person REALLY would stick their tongue out than ":p".

The symbol is from Old English and is called a "thorn". "©­" in and of itself is pronounced "th" as in "thing".

However, there is a letter difference when pronounced with a slight difference but with the same Modern English equivalent: ¨¢ as in "then". Lowercase is ©¢.

Used in the Icelandic languages, and maybe in the Scandinavian and Turkish languages.

To type "©­", press "Alt+0254".
Everything you can do I can do better! :©­

Haha, my emoticon is better than yours! :©­

It sure doesn't pay to be number 2! :©­
by Shultz January 31, 2004
The most ghetto place of San Diego County followed closely by Escondido, Santee and Impiral Beach. Most refeer to it as Chula Juana.
You live in Chula Vist...We have to go...
by shultz August 21, 2004
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