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a British spelling for nars, an abbreviated form of narsty (root word: nasty)
"My god, did you see that bloke?"
"Indeed, he was totally narse"
by shopaholic123 November 21, 2009
a derivative of nasty. Meaning disgusting or gross. See abbreviated forms: nars, narse.
"Whoa! That is one narsty scab! Where'd you get it from?"
"Dude, I got jumped by ghetto gang bangers the other night and they tore my face up."
"Man.... that's narsty...."
by shopaholic123 November 21, 2009
American spelling for an abbreviated form of narsty, also meaning disgusting or gross. (root word: nasty)
"Dude, check out this spider, it's totally huge!!"
"OMG! That is so nars!"
by shopaholic123 November 21, 2009

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