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1 definition by shoelessjoegothisassowned

Hardcore urban dictionary pimp. Does not seem to be able to comprehend that his definitions (or rather hilarious attempts at looking hard)don't make him look like a thugged out killer, but rather a weak loser who can't be a thug in reality and ergo pretends to be one through the anonomynity of the internet. Also seems to think that only gang-banging killas such as himself have the connections to buy a sack of trees, much less smoke them properly. Known to talk out of his ass (e.g. acting like a low rent teenage POF like him has actually handled a two thousand dollar gun before, and that tripping isn't even comparable to being high, constantly accusing people of 'never having smoked'.) Makes threats of violence he cannot possibly carry out against those who aren't fans of a couple of queer clowns who rap.
All the badasses I know go on Urban Dictionary to talk shit and make empty threats of violence against people who don't agree with them on music. Ooh I am so afraid Joe is going to hop on his bike and come get me. Too bad He's an illiterate teenage middle school dropout who 'don't need school' so the street signs will confuse the shit out of him and he'll end up in a ghetto and be robbed and stripped by some non-internet thugs.
by shoelessjoegothisassowned January 23, 2004