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6 definitions by shockdude

The reason to switch to PC gaming.
Have you heard of Battlefield 3 already? That poor Bobby Kotick would wish he would've worked for EA instead of Activision.
by shockdude May 15, 2011
To tell someone who is annoying you to perform butt sex with a gay moose. It is often used by 12 year olds who don't know how to respond to something.
you: "Dude you suck at life."
me: Bai hunga pakul

you: "I did ur mom last night."
me: Bai hunga pakul

Random dude: OW DISS!!!!
by shockdude June 24, 2010
A synonym for the upcoming game called "Modern Warfare 3", produced by Activision.
Dude 1: "Hey dude, are you gonna buy Modern Warfare 3?"
Dude 2: "Oh, you mean Money Whore 3? I think I'll skip this year and buy Battlefield 3."
by Shockdude June 10, 2011
While meaning the same as "your mom", this is a phrase used when you have absolutely no idea how to answer a question, or piss someone off. Highly recommended phrase to be used during business meetings.
Important Guy: "Mr. Smith, how long do you think the proposal will take?"

You: about as long as bo mama
by shockdude June 24, 2010
To prone when you see an enemy in first person shooter games to avoid enemy attack. This is a method most commonly used in Battlefield 2.
You prone fag noob! You only killed me because you proned like a faggot!
by Shockdude June 20, 2010
When you have a friend, relative or brother who lives with you and your girlfriend, and who blocks the entrance to your girlfriend's cunt every time you want to have sex with her.
You live with your Girlfriend AND your Brother? That must be a nuclear cockblock.
by Shockdude July 01, 2010