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an african circus craftsman that juggles premature negro infants in a ring of fire for watermelon and grape soda.
shazaam and jamel went to the circus to see thet egyptian fraggle juggler.
by shnarf May 26, 2008
crafty little african hobbit that moonwalks in the shadows of the night. moonwalking in the daytime would ruin the jerri-curl.
i almost broke my leg when i tripped over those damn night smurfs. ( commonly used noun to describe africans )
by shnarf May 25, 2008
the cermonial dance of the negro jack-o-latern.
shazaam went to the celebratory african laser light show last night and moonwalked with some night smurfs.
by shnarf May 26, 2008
a big nigga on a set of strings just like kermit the frog. he usually speaks in a rapid snarling jigaboo type language and set straight be the late white jim henson puppet master.
"the man" has got shazaam dangling like a tazimanian jungle puppet.
by shnarf May 26, 2008
an elderly nigga with a 3rd grade education whom is accountable for all slow walking, fast swimming niggas from the south atlantic.
shazaam went to talk to jamel the commanding administrative executive officer of the amphibious turtle smurfs to find out about an open postion to join the useless squad.
by shnarf May 26, 2008
a very foreign african spear chucker that hunts anything that resembles a giraffe. which includes long necked chicken heads.
yo, jamel why you be treating me like i'm some cambodian giraffe murderer.
by shnarf May 26, 2008
is an undefinable source of wisdom; his legend preceeds him. he is the dark turtle.
the spanish panther's ora has healed millions.
by shnarf May 25, 2008

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