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An "off-road" vehicle that will never see off-road use, because nobody wants to damage the overpriced thing. Usually found in cities, not far from gas stations, with overpriced rims. Seldom seen with more than one person or any cargo inside.
"For what that guy paid for that H2, he could have bought a sports car and at least had fun with it."
by shiznannigan May 14, 2004
What you get when all the ice in your Coca-Cola melts, making it all watered-down.
"Dammit, all the ice in my Coke melted. Anybody want a Pepsi?"
by shiznannigan December 07, 2003
An alternative to walking/running around a vehicle, in which a running jump is taken onto the hood of a vehicle (preferably yours), landing body first, and letting yourself slide across the hood to the other side of the vehicle, where you land on your feet.
Easier with a good wax job. Not recomended on full-size vans or Hyundais.
For further reference on this, see any episode of the popular 80's tv show "The Dukes of Hazzard"
by shiznannigan December 26, 2003
A fuel that, in the U.S., should be used in more passenger cars.
A VW Golf TDI (Diesel) will waste any hybrid out there performance-wise, and get just as good of mileage.
by shiznannigan December 26, 2003
Of or having wandiff qualities.
I had to turn down my radio, because it was so wandifferous.
by shiznannigan November 30, 2003
1. A red fruit that grows on trees

2. A brand of computer that boasts they "don't crash as much". This is probably because all the software is also made by apple, and is thusly overpriced. I'm sure if every application made to run on a windows pc were tested by microsoft, there would be less problems.
Person A: Dude, I just got this sweet Apple! It never crashes!
Person B: What games do you have on it?
Person A: Nobody makes games for Apples... *begins crying*
by shiznannigan December 26, 2003
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