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less humane, the opposite of women
grossly exaggerates overall achievement, ginormous ego
rarely wins a bon-a-fide argument, admits defeat quickly
hurls insults when rejected, loses face easily and admits lower status.
of lowly status on Earth, not God-like, and destroyed by God because they are evil.
weak decision maker, only thinks of self.
men: I want you to meet "my better half".
women: To hear him tell it, he was "EZ-Jack-U-Later 2"
men: Okay! I was wrong, I said I was sorry already.
men: "Fuck You, bitch, whore. There's more where you come from"
Bible: God made man lower than the Angels. God is not like man (men). God destroyed all first born males (men), etc., etc., etc.
men to women: So what do you want to do? Suck me?
by shelah March 17, 2008
A female being capable of bringing a man to his knees.
Gets what she wants regardless of what a man says or thinks.
Can make a man cry, break his will, and his heart at the same time.
A female who thinks men are big babies that need to be coddled and taken care of.
An independent thinking female with no need for a man.
What a man wants but knows he can't ever have.
Man: I'm gonna beg that woman to give me another chance, even if I have to get down on my knees
Man: Woman, just tell me what you want
Man: Dammit, that woman is everything to me, I can't live without her
Woman: "That man is such crybaby, always whining and complaining about everything. Woman, do this, do that. Woman, where's this, where's that. It like I need a diaper bag for him whenever we go out."
Man: That woman don't need no one because she's already got it all, success, brains, and beauty
Man: That woman's out of my league.
by shelah March 17, 2008
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