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6 definitions by shearer

An affectionate term for a fat ugly girl
by shearer June 17, 2003
99 46
A well used and spacious minge
"dont go near betty down the road ive heard she has a fanny like a bucket"
by Shearer June 16, 2003
25 9
when picking a rather hard mince medallion in doesnt come out without bringing 8 curly hairs with it.
by Shearer June 16, 2003
8 3
A bath that is so hot when lowering in to it all u say is ooooh ooooh ahhhh ahhhh
by shearer June 17, 2003
16 17
e.g Foul tasting
"dont try mrs kippens apple pie vicar...ive tasted better bag ladies period"
by Shearer June 16, 2003
7 9
A woman who lives on the streets and never washes.Also is well known for keeping all her belongings in lots of bags
"let the pitbull off the lead so he can maul that bag lady"
by shearer June 18, 2003
65 100