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Cara is the most beautiful human being on this planet. her smile, her eyes, her body, her personality, everything is perfect on her. she makes life worth living. she can bring you love even with only her personality.
im going to move close to cara so i can love her for the rest of my life.
by shea December 06, 2004
- Another word for condom.
- Condom.
I dont use rubbers.
Rubbers make all the feeling go away.
by shea December 11, 2003
A Hebrew word meaning a place of refuge, sactuary.

A state of mind.
When i pass i want to move on to zion
by shea March 30, 2005
olympic-like moves in the bedroom
last night my wife pulled a shea when she leaped from the bedpost and landed right on Mr. Bigdog
by Shea February 23, 2005
The most gorgeous lovely person in the world. Happens to be my name. Better than the definition of wendy which is highly unflattering and wrong.
Shea is the greated girl to ever have a crush on.
by Shea April 06, 2005
valentines day is just a way for Hallmark to make more money.
damn hallmark, inventing stupid holidays for money!
by shea December 06, 2004
1. commonly used around the south a term for a slut,whore,free fuck. 2. One who gives it up at anytime for anyone.3 A bootycall
Jon said lets call up a dirtlegg and hit it.
by Shea April 25, 2005

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