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A spark plug sized turd similar to a dingleberry that hangs off of a dog's ass in the winter while piching a loaf in the freezing cold.
It's freezing out. I hope Rover doesn't get a carbunkle after he takes his shit.
by kidlou76 December 25, 2010
a big nasty festered pimple on ones ass
Hey bitch you need to pop that carbunkle if you want me to hit it from behind.
by Adam Baker October 15, 2005
Little chunks of debris, usually found around or near the butthole, caught in the hair. Comprised of fecal matter, toliet paper, lint etc.

A side effect of improper hygiene.
Cheap toliet paper will result in Carbunkles.

"She would've tossed my salad, if it weren't for these darn curbunkles!"
by Neck February 28, 2008
Word used by patheitc, older men meaning a woman's behind or ass.
"Look at the fugly carbunkle."
by Shea July 16, 2004

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