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4 definitions by she-nonymous

The state of being so stoned you are adding words to the urban dictionary.
I was so urba-stoned last night, I think I created a new language.
by she-nonymous January 23, 2012
When a penis is inside a vagina and the man gyrates his hips in a circular motion, instead of in and out, tracing the vaginal wall.
Last night Jerome tole me how he stir the honey pot of

Shaza-queeta and she don likes it. It be horrible. Wors sex move eva!
by she-nonymous January 23, 2012
When the top participant in '69' position accidentally lets the shit out they've been holding in all day.
My stomach hurt so bad while we were 69ing, I ended up dropping a hiroshima on his face and he got shit all up his nose.
by she-nonymous January 23, 2012
When you go to fart on a hookers face and accidently take a shit instead.
I picked up a hooker last night and only wanted to fart in her face but I shart on a tart instead.
by she-nonymous January 23, 2012