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a person lacking normal intellect. usually seen coming out of a bus of special needers, in a group of needers, or masturbating in public ( not knowing any better )
" Hey! Look! It's a bus fulla special needers!!!!!! "
by shawna donkey August 02, 2003
hey amy, do you have a super sized poonbag I can get off you? It's a heavy flow day
by shawna donkey July 26, 2003
when you get that feeling-and you need poo removal healing ( sing to marvin gaye's old song, folks )
shawna... we shouldn't have inhaled those fish tacos.. I've got some serious rumble in the bronx issues!
by shawna donkey July 26, 2003
the art of going down on a beeatch....
so, last night I asked my man to go beavin..... And it was neat
by shawna donkey August 02, 2003
when two young at heart folks feel the need for some sexual healing.
I think mom and dad bumped birds last night.
by shawna donkey July 28, 2003
when someone has a concave chest. Resembling a cereal bowl
that kid over there with the short bus has a CEREAL BOWL chest! hee hee
by shawna donkey August 04, 2003
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