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Half of half-assed; a very, very poor attempt. First coined by GC of Fafarazzi.
Those new kids can't even make a quarter-assed attempt at sounding intelligent.
by shanut July 10, 2008
A Twitter fight. Invented by Andy_Winehouse of Fafarazzi.
Mrtini: @Toni OMG LOL GTFO
Andy: @Toni and @Mrtini are twighting and nobody cares...

Andy: Did you hear about Toni and Mrtini's twight last week? Toni wouldn't shut the fuck up about the rules of her game because Mrtini kept finding loopholes.
by shanut February 13, 2010
(noun) The airflow in a car when driving with the windows rolled down. Can be good or bad.
My perfect hairodynamics setup is the driver's side backseat all the way down, with the driver and passenger windows cracked just a little bit.
by shanut March 07, 2009
(noun) an excessively long layover between flights that seems like a waste of a day.
Jim: I had an 8-hour layover in Dallas today. It sucked.
Bob: Layover?? That's a dayover!
by shanut May 25, 2009
Using flashy plastic containers to both decorate and organize your shabby-chic home. First used on NBC's 30 Rock.
I just love decorganizing! I just bought 30 labeled shoe boxes from The Container Store so I can finally decorganize my closet.
by shanut March 13, 2009
(noun) Dialogue to yourself that causes you to make bad decisions based on your over-inflated egotistical self image.

Thoughts you have to yourself when you look in a mirror.
I know I shouldn't have let that creepy guy take pictures of me, but my inner modelogue just told me to do it. What if he'd been a talent scout??

The other day, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my inner modelogue went crazy.
by shanut March 16, 2009
babies born in november 2010 that were made during the huge snowstorms of february 2010.
Ann: I'm pregnant!
Sue: When are you due?
Ann: Sometime in November.
Sue: Oh... must be a blizzard baby!

Jim: Me & Ann had sex every night when we were snowed in.
Bob: Dude, you guys are gonna have a blizzard baby.
by shanut February 09, 2010
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