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when some deserving asshole in authority finally gets what's coming to them in a unique and beautiful way, without expecting it at all.

originating from the best heroine of all time, Lisbeth Salander
those doctors testified that she was retarded, little did they know they were about to be excruciatingly salandered.
by shanipriya August 13, 2010
when something has been so largely exaggerated, you don't even wanna listen to the exaggerator anymore. ever.

often done with a wagging finger to a captive audience.
nurse: don't you believe that moses was handed the ten commandments and that they were the word of god and all gays will be killed come judgement day and if you smoke spliffs you are really damned an' the only way to save yourself is to go to church sundays an' you betta be lookin' fiiine while your there or satan gon git yo' wicked, sorry ass...

patient: no need to extratize. i already know what you's about.
by shanipriya August 13, 2010
literally: 'exact same', except with a syllable cut out.
lindsay lohan, paris hilton- they're the exame thing, honey.
by shanipriya August 13, 2010

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