3 definitions by shane stahl

a roughicated word substitute for shorty. Shorty is refering either (1)to a person who is short, but in an endearing way; a friend (2)but usually used when refering to one's woman/biotch.
(1)yo, showty! You gonna try and play some ball tonight?
(2)Damn, showty need to come to my crib and give lil'G the hook up.
by Shane Stahl June 04, 2004
someone or something that would be really cool to launch out of a canon.
Yo, that chicken is very canonical.
by shane stahl June 03, 2004
short for business koochie(a woman's vagina). A vagina that a woman uses for business or to make money. Almost always implying that she is a prostitute, hooker, whore, streetwalker, workinggirl, and/or/ but not limited to slut.
So Sheniqua, what kinda chedda ya makin from yo bizkuqe lately?
(hez Sheniqua, what is the amount of US currency have you been earning recently?)
by Shane Stahl June 09, 2004

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