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See also: barsexual
A female person who only engages in homosexual activities (e.g. - Kissing, fondling, sexual contact of any kind) on the sole basis of attracting attention to herself and possibly the other party involved, usually in a bar, club, or other highly social event such as a frat party. (Though the latter usually stems from a dare.)
Me: Dude! Did you see Katy and Melissa making out at Mark's party last night?
Dude: Whatever man, Katy's such a Lezbionite.
by shamrokks March 31, 2008
Used to describe anything that is simultaneously fun and engaging and also completely fulfilling. As one could assume a picnic to be. Most often used to describe an event with a measured level of frivolity and silliness.
Me: Whoo! Streaking through the mall to show off my new tattoo was picnictastic!!!.
by shamrokks March 31, 2008

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