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Refers to the multi-purpose partying in New Orleans celebrating the Saints receiving the Lomardi trophy for winning Superbowl XLIV overlapping with Mardi Gras 2010 festivities.
I just booked us tickets to New Orleans to celebrate Lombardi Gras - this will be a once in a lifetime party!
by sfdave February 09, 2010
The act of passing out on the hood of a car; typically due to excessive alcohol consumption.
John: "Hey, what happened to Kitty last night? One minute she was dancing on the bar, then all of the sudden she was gone!"

Kolleen: "We were wondering the same thing until we cut out of there and found her passed-out on the car...she was just taking a hood nap."
by sfdave October 05, 2009
A temporary solution to a severe hangover which involves addressing the condition with another round of heavy drinking; this method is not necessarily a cure to a hangover, only a postponment of the enivitable.
Ugggh...I am so f'ing hungover I think I'll extend and pretend and have a few bloody marys and deal with this tomorrow!
by sfdave June 09, 2010
Temporary pain and/or discomfort which occurs in and around the anus from wiping one's butt to hard and/or deep.
Mother of 3-year old child: "Why is Benny screaming?"
Father of 3-year old child: "He says his butt hurts - I think I wiped him too hard and caused some wipe trauma."
by sfdave May 26, 2010
A degree of obesity which references reality weight loss shows, such as "The Biggest Loser," which typically feature excessively obese people.
I ran into Josh the other day - he was always a little chubby, but now he's fat-show fat.
by sfdave December 14, 2009
When one is stupid / gullible enough to actually fall for a joke / trick / prank on April Fools Day.
I asked Suzie out on a date - she thought I was serious and got excited until I April Fooled her!
by sfdave April 02, 2010

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