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A term used to describe an unfavorable state of dress, commonly used in conjunction with transvestites or he-she's.

A generalization of "drob" could be likened to a slobbyness or lack of effort, but more commonly; is used to indicate garish bright clothing and/or feminine style make-up or fake nails/wigs which are blatantly fake. Generally a drobby dresser is not trying to hide ones gender but seeks to make it plain and obvious what they are.

"Drob" is also sometimes used to indicate that a transvestite who is trying to hide their gender, has failed somehow and in this sense is sometimes used to incorrectly identify a woman who looks like a man; who is trying to look a woman (another word for this last description is "unfortunate" or "unlucky")
Oh dear! Look at those clothes, that's drob.

Q. Is that drob?
A. Dude, that's a chick.
A. Unlucky!

Oh look! Green and purple lycra in a tutu, that's drob... Like yo mamma.
by seussozzle April 12, 2007
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