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2 definitions by sethralavode

An attack of rainbows, hearts, stars, glitter, and sparkles to bring fun excitement and happiness.
We went up to the balcony and glitter bombed the cafeteria. Everyone looked up in wonder with even a few oohs and ahhs, and we knew our sparkle terrorism cell had gained a few new members.
by sethralavode November 25, 2011
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A person who leaches off of everyone they know in every possible way, and is impossible to get rid of. From 'The Mighty Boosh' character The Crackfox.

Verb: crackfoxing - To behave in the manner of a crackfox.
Adam is such a crackfox he gets his girlfriend to drive him everywhere, never buys food, and basically mooches off everyone.
by sethralavode October 31, 2010
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