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Forced induction is a term used to describe internal combustion engines that are not naturally aspirated. Instead, a gas compressor is added to the air intake, thereby increasing the quantity of air or fuel-air mixture available for combustion.
I am about to blow $10k on forced induction for my VW R32 and that's before installation! Son of a bitch.
by servant-of-light June 22, 2006
A man who is born of a woman who hates men, because she is a lesbian. The anti-Christ.
Damn son, where is your love? Is your mom a dog? son of a lesbian!
by servant-of-light January 08, 2011
Get money or fuck off.
Person: Hi world.
World: GMOFO.
Person: What?
World: Get money or fuck off, faggot.
...later on
Person (now a product of the world): GMOFO, bitches.
by servant-of-light November 12, 2014
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