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2 definitions by seroyer

KDM = Korean Domestic Market, the next generation of ricer fanboys. give it a 10 to 15 years when Korean sports cars become cheap the Genesis Coupe is destine to become the next 240SX.
JDMer now: yo that Genesis Coupe sucks why would you buy Korean crap?

KDMer 15 years latter: yo that Chinese car sucks why would yo buy that crap?
by Seroyer February 27, 2009
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A new Buzz world that is being said now by company's. to make Hippies think that they care about there CO2 output. but in reality it's just a marketing ploy. so that stupid hippies will support them and think that there cars put out less admissions then outer brands.
environmentally responsible

Globe Warming is smaller, and a lot less of a big deal then the Hippies are making it out to be. the earth goes through nature warming cycles did any one take earth science.
by seroyer January 13, 2009
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