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A man who follows every trend, refers to his freinds only as bro, wears pink, watches too much MTV and who's conduct can be described only as general douchebaggery.
I refuse to be friends with Tom, he is a complete brohead.
by semperjim January 30, 2009
AKA "since you was", to request a frosty beverage from the unlucky person who stands up first.
Sincuwas up, will you grab me another alcinated beverage.
by semperjim January 31, 2009
A caffeinated alcoholic beverage or mixed drink.
I can't believe it's already 1 A.M., get me something alcinated.
by Semperjim January 31, 2009
Adjective; when men perform activites together that inspire competition, entirely ruled by testosterone.
I asked John if he was coming over, but he's out with his friends doing something mansexual.
by semperjim January 30, 2009

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