3 definitions by secr8tve1

a voluptuos woman, a woman with curves. a shapely female
a man trying to hail a curvy woman on road:
ppsssst, curvisha can i get ur number?''
by secr8tve1 February 03, 2010
a pregnant woman with a large round belly.
pregnant woman is walking on street.....
''here comes Belleisha''''
by secr8tve1 February 03, 2010
used to describe someone who likes to listen to your conversation and then go carry your news to other people without your consent.
she walks in when you are talking on the phone to a close friend. You tell your friend u will call them back later. later......
Friend: why did you have to go earlier?
You: earsisha ah come fi listen mi business!
by secr8tve1 February 03, 2010

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