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1. a very tasty meal

2. something said by teenagers becase they think its funny or random or something
1. dude im hungry lets get a taco


person1: hey whats up person 2

person2: taco! hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah im funny or random or something

person1:*sigh* punches person 2 in face and walks away
by secksgod223 January 09, 2010
the reason why you lost at your football game
coach: *mumbles a play*
player: what coach i cant hear you over the cheerleaders


*player runs out there and says some bullshit play*
*other team intercepts the ball and runs it back for a touchdown*
by secksgod223 January 09, 2010
a bunch of fucktards got together and thought hey guys WoW is so popular how about we make porn but not just any porn...wow porn!!! so basicly its the most retarded thing in the entire universe
wownerd:hey did you see that new world of porncraft clip?

footballjock: why are you talking to me you fucktard?
by secksgod223 January 20, 2010

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