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of the highest level of intellect
i r teh smrat ngr .. one
by secks August 05, 2003
havish for saying "women"
i be hittin wiminz up from behind and poof .. i throw it in the anis .. one!
by secks August 05, 2003
having the face of the ngr
by secks August 05, 2003
A rare personal quality attributed to bespectacled, pink jacket sporting chats who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm amongst the kids.
the fancy boys are famed for the kritzisma of their guitarist.
by secks August 23, 2004
similar to that guy but not quite .. a hey dude generally starts and ends every sentence with dude .. aka tool ..
whos that hey dude that bitch is with ..
dude thats my brother :\
by secks August 11, 2003
facethejury.com gone acronym mofo
¡hit mad wiminz off ftj nga!
by secks August 05, 2003
When u get a blow job from a girl and right before ejaculation, pull out and nut up her nose ..
my bitch got a bad case of the drip after i gave her liquid cocaine ownd
by secks September 22, 2003
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