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Greatest. Place. In. The. World.

what more to say. California has it all!

California. it says it all.
by sebastoin pequot March 02, 2007
a very beautiful way to speak. there r many varieties of the american accent with it's own regional accents. the american dialect tends to pronounce the words as they should be, which makes australians look like lazy asses when in terms of speaking.
American accent sounds more soothing then the flat aussie accent
by sebastoin pequot November 23, 2006
Located in east central San Fransisco, Lombard Street is known to be the "crookedest street in the world" with 8 sharp turns going down the steep slope
Lombard Street is cool when ur trying to ride ur bike down its path
by sebastoin pequot November 23, 2006
a slightly shorter word for the word "Springvale" or even shorter to the word "Spring Valley"; the Bronx of Melbourne.
an alright place to live but a boring place to hang out since the "Chinatown" is only 2x3 tiny blocks. it's cool at the moonlight festival in february, but pretty average besides that.
home to alot of drunks and cool kids but also home to cheap electronics and the well known porkrolls and fire craclers
sprinvale or Springvale; the Bronx of melbourne.
aslo home to moonlight festivals and porkrolls
by sebastoin pequot November 24, 2006
a person who declares themselves with 3 different nations.
a person who is second generation immigrant but moved to another country due to god-know-what reason and now has some sorta citizenship in their new country.
that's tri nationality, though very rarely excepted in most countries.
my folks are south american, but i was born in australia and now i live in SoCal... isn't that what tri-nationality suppose to be?

tri nationalism rocks except for lost identity, but i'm proud to be an american
by sebastoin pequot November 02, 2006
well known words in fad through out the years were... *drumroll*

2004: knob


2006: emo

other words might either b too lame or too old skool for word of the year
back in '04, everyone used the word "KNOB!" it was word of the year

{back in '04} "Man! Dylan is such a knob!"

{today in '06}"Man! Dylan is such an emo!"
by sebastoin pequot November 23, 2006
what people from Northern Califronia say
NorCaller, "did you see that huh...heck yes"

SoCaller, "dude, you sound like you're from Redding"

NorCaller, "hell yes"
by sebastoin pequot February 01, 2007
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