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The act and process of charging, and firing your laser though, it's commonly spelled lazar when you are truly, Shooping Da Woop.
These are the instructions found on the Shoop Da Woop can:

1. Proudly shout out "IMMA CHARGIN' MAH LAZAR!!!"

2. If your lazar gets stuck, shout out "MAH LAZARS FUKKEN STUCK!!!"

3. If your lazar did not get stuck, or you did not swallow your lazar, proudly exlaim "IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZAR!!! SHOOP DAH WOOP!!!"

Congratulations, you have sucessfully SHOOP DA WOOPED your enemy
#shoop #da #woop #lazar #laser #lazer #imma #firin #mah #chargin'
by sean5892 February 28, 2007
N. A picture depicting a serious scene of total ownage, or pwnage.
Holy shit dude, check out this pwnagraph, those CS:S noobs got owned!
#pwn #own #pwnage #ownage #pwnagraph
by sean5892 December 29, 2006
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