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A synonym for punk-pop star Avril Lavigne, derived from her perpetually pissed-off demeanor, posturing, and facial expressions. Can also be used to describe any teenaged girl with similar attributes.
Avril Lavigne is an angry rodent.
by Sean Wilkinson January 27, 2003
The greatest videogame series ever, culminating in "DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball".
Despite the fact that she could kill me with a single German suplex, I want to marry Tina from Dead or Alive.
by Sean Wilkinson January 28, 2003
(Archaic) A person with hemophilia; a hemophiliac.
"Wait, don't hit me! I'm a bleeder!"
by Sean Wilkinson January 27, 2003
The portion of the human body located between the sex organs and the anus; the perineum. Also commonly known as the taint. So named because the coarse pubic hairs that grow in this area tend to collect and hold onto clumped bits of toilet tissue and human excrement (known as a dingleberry), much like fruit growing on a bush.
You're not getting into bed until you hit the shower and wash those crumbs outta your dingleberry grove...I ain't doing an extra load of laundry in the morning!
by Sean Wilkinson April 02, 2003
Extremely cheap generic or store-brand instant Japanese noodles (usually sold for $0.50 or less per package) of inferior or questionable quality and/or flavor. Derived from the professional wrestling term "jobber" (a performer who is perpetually assigned to lose; a performer lacking in the skills or charisma needed to become a top talent, often relegated to wrestling in opening matches at the beginning of shows) and the Japanese word "ramen" (an adaptation of a Chinese phrase that means "pulled/stretched noodles").
After I was laid off during the dot-com crash, I lived on jobber ramen for six whole months.

What? You're eating Sapporo Ichiban? Lucky bastard...all I can afford right now is jobber ramen.
by Sean Wilkinson January 27, 2003
A synonym of "tremendous" (great, spectacular, outstanding, etc.), used in particular by fans of charismatic 1980s-era professional wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and the Ultimate Warrior. It is often used in a comically hyperbolic manner, reflecting the larger-than-life personas and exploits of samesaid wrestlers.
"When the Hulkster lifted that stinky, wart-infested 8'5", 1400 lb. Andre the Giant over his head and slammed him through the floor of the Silverdome in front of 340,000,000 screaming Hulkamaniacs...well, brother, it was tremend."
by Sean Wilkinson November 18, 2002
The side-to-side, arm-pumping warm-up move performed and made famous by WWE superstar Brock Lesnar prior to his matches. It is similar to the light-footed "Ali Shuffle", and somewhat resembles an Irish "jig" dance, but is performed with gravity and intensity, in a foreboding, intimidating manner. Sometimes used as a taunt.
After knocking down the jerk who tried to feel up my girlfriend, I stood over him and did the Jig of Death, and he scrambled to his feet and fled to his car.
by Sean Wilkinson January 28, 2003

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