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Cold Crest Creeper, a rapper that would dip-n-yoke quicker than he could pimp-n-smoke, flows that hit your ears harder than Ike hit Tina. Forced to serve a Nickle but would never drop a Dime.
K.C watch out cause the Bay's down like four flats on a Cadilac.
-Rest in Peace Pimpin
"I'm the kinda brotha that will f--k your mother, with a magnum rubber, leave it on the cover"-Stupid do do Dumb
"I'm one nice dream I'll make your brain melt like ice cream"-I'm in Motion
by se7en0se7en January 18, 2005
A word for either the greatest, dumbest, funniest, or most random thing someone in Lingo's apartment has done. At least it's better than "son".
(Hey dog that was magillacutty......), (For real you did that she was Magillacutty), (Pass me the drink I'm getting Magillacutty)
by se7en0se7en May 12, 2008
South African for "Lingo"
Did you know that "Bumbee Mah-Gumbo" Means "slang" in South African, Only cool people in South Africa know the "Bumbee Mah-Gumbo"
by se7en0se7en August 19, 2008
A frase made famous by Al Pacino Used to let some bitch made person know that your tired of hearing them cry and wine about there lives, And that you don't give a shit about there F-ckin' problems.
"Huh what was that? Your grandma got hit by a bus.... Na-Na, Nanny Freakin' Boo Boo"
"Who cares that your girlfriend gave you herpies... Na-Na, Nanny Freakin' Boo Boo"
by se7en0se7en August 02, 2008
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