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A person from a latin american country who does not look white and you would distinguish easily as being from a latin american country. A mulato, or mestizo would qualify as a spicky spic. A person who is of caucasian descent or who looks physically caucasian would not be a spicky spic. A
hey jonnie, look at miguel, he's a spicky spic.
Damn,when i heard your name was pablo, I thought were a spicky spic, dude, you look white.
by sdfs June 14, 2006
What you all just said!....
omg its so gay yall think were like so stuck up and perfect or whatever. i mean thats like GAYY to think that but we dont really care what you people think b/c we buy our clothes places other than WAL MART!!
by sdfs March 09, 2005
A derogatory term used to describe an East Indian, or any brown person for that matter. Also see pun and raghead
What smells like curry? Oh it must be that dipper over there.
by sdfs August 11, 2004

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