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Cheap. Second-rate.

White-trash, trailor-park quality.

Refers to most anything made and imported from China/Taiwan.
Uncle Kenny is single-ply. He would only let Aunt Darlene buy Strawberry Suave $1 shampoo, and would never eat out unless it was two-for-one, all-you-can-eat, early-bird special.

That bitch was all decked out in some single-ply bling from the Dollar Tree.

That was one single-ply wedding reception with easy-cheese on ritz and a dollar dance to pay for the honeymoon at the Comfort Inn & Suites.
by sctopshelf January 30, 2010
1. Refer's to one's personal space and/or face-especially the personal space of a large fabulous diva in a club environment.

2. The area of the body that a bitch is sticking her hand up in when she's telling her baby' daddy he better pay his support or she's callin the law.
You better back the fuck out of my yard bitch before I rip that nickel weave right out of your ho head!

Get your damn finger outta my yard before I break it off and shove it up between your dollar tree titties, skank.
by sctopshelf January 30, 2010
1) Some one who is cracked out on drugs

2) One who studies crackheads

3) A cracked-out meteorologist
The meteorologist on that station is always so high that he should be called the chief twacktologist.
by sctopshelf January 26, 2010
1) That shazy bitch was booty bumpin children's tylenol with a damn turkey baster the last time she got a migrane.

2) My shazy ex-ho is stalking me on a made-up facebook page and calling my bossman posing as my mother.
by sctopshelf January 30, 2010

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