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only the best fucking band in the world. with tracks like 'my selene' 'blank file' 'tallulah' 'the ruins of my life' etc, they easily dominate the world power metal scene, if not the being the best band in the world
i love sonata arctica!
im cool!
by scrotum head faithful December 27, 2004
further great songs include 'last drop falls', 'misplaced', 'the cage', 'the misery', 'victorias secret', 'mary-lou (but only the acoustic version), 'land of the free', 'kingdom for a heart'. and so on.
(mike) hey dude, i just got back from finland where i was seeing sonata arctica
(ralph) woah man im gay i love blink

lolo only joshin man :P
by scrotum head faithful January 06, 2005
you may think this is the day before friday the 13th but its not mwahaha!
actually its usually just a normal day
actually its always just a normal day
wow is it friday the 12th 2morro?
yeah....who cares?
by scrotum head faithful October 31, 2004
possibly the greatest band ever created by young people, second only to sonata arctica. They perform at all partys while very drunk songs such as 'lewis kirton is gay' in front of his ex and 'mr fisher is a fatuous cunt' to a huge kru of faithful groupies.
ME: When the fuck are scrotum head playing again?
BAND MEMBER: er at ralphs i think
ME: argh i cant go i will go shoot myself as my life is now completely pointless
by scrotum head faithful October 26, 2004
my pleasure, like thats ok
<faye> hey thx
<mike> mp
by scrotum head faithful January 07, 2005
apparently means a fat man - defined by nevermore
he is a hippocrocopig
by scrotum head faithful October 27, 2004
be like that - as in behave like that
yeah blt what do i care?
by scrotum head faithful October 20, 2004

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