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possibly the greatest band ever created by young people, second only to sonata arctica. They perform at all partys while very drunk songs such as 'lewis kirton is gay' in front of his ex and 'mr fisher is a fatuous cunt' to a huge kru of faithful groupies.
ME: When the fuck are scrotum head playing again?
BAND MEMBER: er at ralphs i think
ME: argh i cant go i will go shoot myself as my life is now completely pointless
by scrotum head faithful October 26, 2004
scrotum head ( \';skrô-t;m\ \'hed\): a marine, called so beacuse of their shaved head. also known as a jarhead.
when i grow up i want to be a scrotum head just like daddy!
by dogma December 15, 2007
1. One whose head has been replaced by a scrotum, also known as a ballsack.
2. An unpleasant person; Someone whom you dislike.
1. I feel so bad for that scrotumheaded kid I saw on Maury. That is, once I stopped laughing.
2. My teacher is such a fucking scrotumhead. He made me stay after school for calling him a cockwrangling ass-smuggling fuckbutler.
by MajorPain November 17, 2003