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happy person constantly trying to make others happy, if it works they have been scrindlebeeped
just making someone smile or laugh when otherwise they wouldn't, a sad face can easily be made to smile if you make just a small effort,complete strangers are the easiest to make happy i find. you just met a scrindlebeeper
by scrindlebeeper January 20, 2009
i ain't got a penny no money at all
lend me some money, sorry i ain't got a scerrit
by scrindlebeeper January 20, 2009
combination of squirrel and parrot,a person who gathers other peoples info stores it and then blurts it out, in completely the wrong order
someone who steals a joke then tells it all wrong, the squirret stole my joke
by scrindlebeeper February 07, 2009
opposite to scrindlebeeper, sad mardy upset noxious person wanting to moan about what they want to moan about to everyone, just to upset their day.
when asked if ok a bindlescreeper would reply. no and continue to rant at the mouth all sadness they can think of, beware the bindlescreeper, find a scrindlebeeper to cheer you up.
by scrindlebeeper January 20, 2009
someone who says something stupid without thinking before their mouth is engaged.
what you talking about you clondyke
by scrindlebeeper January 20, 2009
When peoples eyes suddenly go from warm and welcoming to i hate the world! This usually happens after a good few beers and that last lager flipped the switch...
Oh look at Andy's eyes that last lager turned his Hate eyes on and they're scanning the room. "Do not look"
by scrindlebeeper September 27, 2014
person lazy who never does much exercise
look at lazy standstiller there he never move just standstillering all day
by scrindlebeeper January 20, 2009
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