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Target Store said with a fake french accent to make it sound more upscale than it is. In reality it's a half step better than Wally World.
I would never shop at Kmart or Wally World, I spend my greenbacks at Tar Jay.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
a verb meaning, to pursue other guys girlfriends or wives. also called a bacon bandit.
From Mexico City, DF, Carlos Anorve aka The Macho Latin Lover, whose greatest claim was that he never slept with the same woman twice. Always tried to sleep with his friend's women.
Hey, don't Carlos that chick. That's Andrew's girlfriend, Joni.
by SCRhollywood February 03, 2010
When you get fed up in an (usually upscale) store waiting too long in line or for a salesperson to help you out, you say this while exiting the store. You are calling the store inferior.
after 20 minutes looking for help or at a register:

C'mon man, Screw this Taco Stand, I get better service at Wally World.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
Either looks like or is a fan of the Irish punk rock band Flogging Molly. Distinguished by Innes Skateboards or gear, fedoras or newsboy caps or Flogging Molly t-shirts. Irish Punks with class. More recent than the Pogues, more serious than the Business, and better songs than Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly Dudes often have good taste in bands and don't give a shite if it plays much on the radio. To be described as a Flogging Molly Dude is never an insult. At a party, the Flogging Molly Dude can always outdrink, outfight, outwit, and outlast anyone and then ends up with all the hot chicks.
Shannon was hanging out with this lame-assed wannabe rapper until these Flogging Molly Dudes showed up at her party. One look at them and she dropped her man like a bad habit.

Next thing you know, she is drinking Guinness and singing, "Devil's Dance Floor" like she's staright outta Ireland.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
a squid or someone who acts like a squid. a motorcyclist that wears less gear than appropriate, shows off doing stunts before perfecting them, riding beyond his abilities, or just plain doing something stupid.
Did you see that new guy trying to show off in front of all the other bikers?

Yeah, he ripped out of here up on one and almost lost it in traffic. Johnny Law saw him and wrote him for exhibition of speed and being squidly.

That was a squidly thing to do alright.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
Someone who is always cold and hates even the slightest draft, breeze, or air conditioning on. Old people tend to become draft dodgers.
My girl is a bonafide draft dodger.

You gots to be kidding me, She told me she was in the Air Force as an Arabic Linguist.

No man, I'm not talking about her military record. I mean, the chick is cold all the time and she runs up my electric bills up all winter.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
Originally meant small tokens or food left by an older (often rich) woman (cougar) for a much younger man to keep him coming back, in a positive way. The meaning has changed slightly to mean any personal belongings left by the cougar in a negative way.
Oh man, I almost got so busted last night.

Why man, what happened?

Oh, my girl found cougar droppings in my bedroom.

What?!? Did she leave her bra?

Hell no, she left her teeth in a glass of water. Lucky for me, I was able to tell my girl that my moms had visited me and used my room while I slept on the couch.
by SCRhollywood November 20, 2009
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