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An awesome 4-day nerd fest where you get to hug asian hobags dressed up as emma frost and scarlet witch and any other slutty superheroine you can think of.
Josh: Duuuude! I haven't heard from you in like, 4 days.
Charlotte: Yeah. I was at the Comic-Con hugging hot girls and weird tentacle monsters.
#nerd #fun #festival #comics #free hugs
by scratchmaster101 October 11, 2010
what a lady/child yells at you when they want your money.
Guy: hey kid, you dropped your wallet.
Kid: thanks. hey, that's a nice suit. you must have a lot of money to afford that....
Guy: uh, thanks, well, don't drop that thing again (pats kid on shoulder)-
Kid: HELP! RAPE!!!

fat feminist man hater to bystanding office guy: don't look at me like that you bastard! i'm going to file a case for sexual harassment!
guy: what?
lady: tell it to the judge you son of a bitch!
#sex #rape #paedophile #pedo #preist
by scratchmaster101 December 07, 2009
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