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A woman who can not keep her hands and handy parts off of anyone named Scott. Definately a good thing for anyone named Scott. Definately a bad thing for anyone whole is not named Scott.
Guy 1: "That must be a Scott because she is all over him like a Scottaholic."
Guy 2: "I wish I was a Scott"
#scotaholic #manaholic #scott #scot #scotteater
by scott-to-trot February 06, 2010
A gesture of satisfaction, sometimes confused with a tip. However, the tip is just the start, it is only a tease, after that, you give the full gratuity.
"I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her, so I gave her the full gratuity, not just the tip."
#tip #donation #gratuities #tips #donations #satisfaction #gesture #gestures
by scott-to-trot February 07, 2010
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