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A greating. As in, budge a guy do? Evolved from What are you doing?
Hey Matt, Budge a guy do.
by Scott February 15, 2004
A person who lives in Wancheese, NC. These people do nothing but hunt and fish. They wear fishing boots 24-7 and marry their cousins.
You are such a damn Cheeser.
by Scott March 09, 2005
Clown Shoes: derieved from the latin word biggimus shoesius, it can either mean A) that is totally wack and of the hizzle or B) thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard.
A)"hey jimmy, i got an A on my test!" Wow billy, thats clown shoes!"
B)Hey jimmy,lets go throw rocks at bigger rocks!
"hey billy, thats fucking clown-shoes
by scott July 07, 2004
Pussy Hogging Dickhead
Ryan got his PhD from cockblocking all of the time.
by Scott March 12, 2004
Sucks To Be You, just a acronym for saying it sucks to be you
Dude 1: "I gotta work overtime"
Dude 2: "STUBY dude"
by scott January 02, 2005
The act of reaching orgasm.
Upon watching the hot babe walk by, Johnny immiediately headded into the bathroom to chum his trout.
by Scott July 31, 2004
the new slang word for "cool" or "neato"
That is one honking sweater kelsey is wearing today
by scott May 18, 2004
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