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The meaning of pain.
Slayer lyrics, to "Angel of Death"

auswitchz the menaing of pain, the way that I want you to die.
by Scott February 02, 2005
A skank fart that smells like a bitch. Usual done by a gay ass homo named Scott.2 The act of boneing sum 1 throguh the eye or were ever.

Scott just ripped ass.
Scott just ripped ass.
by Scott May 24, 2004
It is what you call a girl who has got it all in one package.

Wangster talk
Dude, check out the stir fry chille pepper
by Scott March 31, 2005
An awesome person who will be a billionaire someday
Bill Gates
by Scott October 25, 2003
theres a hole in australia somewhere in australia called woop woop
oi, we gotta get back to woop woop bro to get us some kanga before johnny taxes us again
by scott January 27, 2005
Chappy, pronoun, dereived from the name Chaplin Peter, a suspected pedifle at a summer camp chaplin, used to refer to ones'father unit
"hey jimmy, why's your chappy hitting your mon like that?"
by scott July 07, 2004
the little white balls of discharge expelled from the vagina
That girl has a ferocious amount of clitty litter.
by scott April 27, 2004

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