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The act of frequently buying beer for a friend in the legal profession in the hope that this will substitute for a monetary retainer and they will come to your legal defense when you (inevitably) run afoul of the law.
I ended up being charged with public drunkenness and needed a lawyer, but luckily I had Carlos on beertainer.
by scotchyscotchscotch December 03, 2010
When someone is incited to laughter while drinking beer, causing said beer to usher forth from his mouth with great haste.
Lee was drinking from his beer when I told a joke, he laughed and had a beersplosion.
by scotchyscotchscotch December 03, 2010
'Just The Tip Only On Your Birthday'. A popular stance on anal sex.
She's definitely a 'JTTOOYBD' girl.
by Scotchyscotchscotch February 27, 2015
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