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The place were mass amounts of black people gather to smoke mids, and poop top soil dirt weed. When you get to the tip there are usually 8-13 spooks with NBA live on the stolen ps3 hooked up to the stolen flat screen with plenty of third leaf bluntvilles to roll up
Nig 1: "aye, think you could drop me off at the tip?"
Nig 2: "no doubt son i was just on my way there"
Nig 1: "good looks imma fuck yo' ass up in ball son"
Nig 2: "i got first on that shit. but lemme roll these mids"
by Spook Headhuntin April 02, 2011
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Simply described as the hottest girl at a social gathering. Given this name because if you and her were to hook up, you would be finished right when you got your "tip" in.
Dalton: Yo Greg check out that super fine chick!!!

Greg: She has got to be "The Tip" my friend, I'm going to make my move.

Dalton: Good luck BRO!!!!
by MysterySex October 23, 2011
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